Monday, December 26, 2011

Stop Server Abuse

We were at a restaurant having dinner recently with friends. A nearby table had a noisy group of people who were having fun singing Christmas carols. They were also very demanding on the waitress. They finally left singing and dancing out of the restaurant.
I'm sure they paid a large check. the waitress continued working at the other tables. Our friend noticed that she was in tears. He asked her what happened.
She told him that the group left no tip. Nothing at all. Our friend felt so sympathetic that he gave her an extra tip to compensate for that unthinking bunch of people. Those people were Americans.
According to a recent report, almost 3,000 workers in Maui county have their primary occupation working as a waiter or waitress. This does not include the many workers who work second jobs in this occupation and depend upon tips for subsistence.
Stop server abuse - tip generously!
Blackie Gadarian
(Letter published in Maui News Dec.14, 2011, and Lahaina News Dec. 22, 2011