Saturday, April 2, 2011

Whale Egg (Megaptera Ovum) This rare specimen of a whale egg shell was removed from the bottom of the Kealaikahiki Channel by the U.S. Cetacean Research Society. The embryo died before birth due to lack of attention from its mother. The embryo has been removed from the shell for scientific analysis. Whale eggs can be found in the deep caves in channels between the Hawaiian Islands. Whale eggs have been hunted by sme humans who consider the embryo liver a delicacy. According to International Agreement, whale eggs can be observed by research submarines, but are not to be disturbed unless it is verified that the egg has been abandoned by its mother. The mother of this egg was killed February, 1989, by a trans-Pacific tugboat. The tugboat captain was charged with negligence, piloting under the influence of alcohol, but was later released due to lack of corroborating evidence.